Castlewood Knoll Park in Worthington

Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll
  • Large open area for touch football, frisbee, flying kites, etc
  • Neighborhood park  
   Castlewood Knoll Park in Worthington

Castlewood Knoll Park is is in an area of the city that is just being developed. It is a good site for games that need wide open areas, like catch, touch football, frizbee, kites. Etc.


Castlewood Knoll Park was established in 1978 by [?].

The park has a drainage utility easement running through it. The northerly portion is designated as a dry pond retention area.

NOTES: Some of the history is from archives of the Worthington City Government and used by permission. The [?] marks denote information still being saught
Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll
Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll Castlewood Knoll

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Visit a Park and improve your life!

Parks provide places for children and families to unwind and have fun in a city. Parks, also, counteract the effect that the city concrete and asphalt streets and buildings have on peoples peace of mind and serenity. Parks have a "decongestant" value to the mental health of a community.

Worthington is blessed with having many parks. Especially valuable are the many parks by Lake Okabena where there are  many places to go to "let the stress out" and re-create our serenity and composure in a hussle-bustle world.

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