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Historical Public Schools Public Library Fire Department Worthington Cemetary Association Churches Secret Associations Worthington Football Team Business & Professional

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200+ People, 9 Residences, 40+ Businesses, Organizations, Churches,
Public Buildings & Facilities, Views of Town, Misc
What is this document?
This is a 56 page promotional pamphlet of Worthington in 1901. It describes Worthington with a combination of 76 photos, illustrations and  narrative with a great deal of detail covering over 200 people, 41 businesses, 17 organizations, and 13 churches. 

The pamphlet was sold as a souvenir in places like the Post Office news stand, as noted on page 31.

What did the pamphlet look like?
This document was 8.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep. It was bound on the left side by center stapling. Once opened, the document would be 17 inches wide, with right and left panels, each side 8.5 inches wide. Normal pages were horizontally laid out, but photo pages were turned 90 degrees clockwise and have to be viewed by turning the document sideways.

The photo pages, here in this Internet HTML document, have been taken out of their sideways printed orientation and rotated to portrait mode for easier viewing in this Internet HTML presentation.

There were no page numbers printed on the original pamphlet. Page numbers have been added for this HTML presentation to make it possible to identify the pages in a way that is familiar and to build an index to provide convenient HTML link access to the documents.

NOTE: You may also navigate to the PREVIOUS and NEXT pages by clicking on the left or right side of the pages image. This does not work with the home page nor the index.

This document was provided by Larry Lucht who found it on eBay. It was scanned and made into this presentation by Bob Rohrer. Internet space is provided by Worthington Community Internet

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