Second Design: One Level bathhouse, closed sides & steep roof



AP Rose "History of Nobles County" P134

This appears to be on the shoreline looking towards present day Ehlers Park.

The Mpls to Sioux City RR is visible in the background, but the Rock Island RR track is not visible because these photos were taken to the south of Hwy 59&60, which is also south of where the Rock Island RR track is located.

There are windows along the roof line on this version that are NOT there on the previous version.

The waterslide looks the same as on the first version of the bathhouse, but there is a second, smaller waterslide  in this photo

There is a visible gravel surface road along the shoreline, but not of a type of road surface that would be necessary for US Hwy 59 and State Hwy 60 that came down Second Avenue and went under the Mpls to Sioux City RR track. So, this is NOT Hwy 59&60, more likely it is a shoreline road.

There are additional small buildings on the shoreline that are of a type and size to store row boats, etc. These buildings did not exist on first version of the bathhouse, but similar building do exist on later photos.

The house in the lower left is also visible on a photo of the third version of the bathhouse

The lakeshore over near Sunrise Park ( later Ehlers Park) appears to be a slough behind brush and trees at this point in history


The information on this page was written by Bob Rohrer, who takes full responsibility for the accuracy of this information,  based upon information gleaned from personal observation, from articles and observations by local historian Ray Crippen on these subjects and from books by AP Rose "History of Nobles County" 1908 and Al Goff "History of Nobles County" 1948, and from an 1882 State of Minnesota Geology report.

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