The Boathouse/Waterslide/TobogganSlide:


This facility existed for a period of time prior to 1899. It was a combination boathouse and Waterslide in the the Summer and toboggan slide in the Winter, as shown in this photo.

The top of the Nobles County Court House is visible in the background.

Supposedly this facility was located near where 3rd Avenue joins Lake Street. It was probably just to the west of the Pavilion. This is the location where the Power Plant  was later located until the 1950's and is near where the open park area of Sailboard Beach exists today. 

The information on this page was written by Bob Rohrer, who takes full responsibility for the accuracy of this information,  based upon information gleaned from personal observation, from articles and observations by local historian Ray Crippen on these subjects and from books by AP Rose "History of Nobles County" 1908 and Al Goff "History of Nobles County" 1948, and from an 1882 State of Minnesota Geology report.

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