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Murray County Map
Nobles County Map
Page 517 Situation and area
Page 518 Surface Features: natural Drainage : Lakes in Murray County
Page 519 Lakes in Nobles County : Topography
Page 520
Page 521
Page 522 Elevations along the RR
Page 523 Soil
Page 524 Timber and prairie
Page 525
Page 526 Geological Structure: Glacial and modified drift
Page 527 Terminal Moraines
Page 528 Wells in Murray County
Page 529 Wells in Nobles County
Page 530 Material Resources
Page 531
Page 532 Springs: Aboriginal Earthworks

Of Special interest to those Interested in Lake Okabena is this text on page 519

General Information

This is a portion of an Official State of Minnesota Geology Report made in 1882. This portion is about the Murray and Nobles County areas and thus covers Lake Okabena.

This material was provided by Dale Carlson of Worthington, who found it on Ebay.
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