Sailboard Beach Park in Worthington

  • Windsurfing Accessible
  • Boating Access from shore
  • Fishing Dock
  • Fishing from shore
  • Picnic Tables
  • Biking Trail
  • Hiking Trail
  • Swimming Beach
Sailboard Beach Park in Worthington

This is a good spot to relax, to go with a friend to relax and visit. It has an excellent view of Lake Okabena, trees, water, and sky!

The grassy area is graced with pines and includes benches, an area to park your car to savor a view of Lake Okabena, a biking, a hiking trail that extends around the lake, and several fishing docks.

Sailboard Beach lies on the NE side of the lake, close to downtown, This is an area that was in times past, used by the Rock Island Railroad, but now provides a lovely area to relax and view the activities on the lake.

It is known as "Sailboard Beach" to windsurfers because there is ample space on the shoreline to set up and base from. And this is the location of several national windsurfing competitions.

Offshore a ways is one of the four deep spots in Lake Okabena. This can be seen on the lake depth chart

It used to be known as "Lakefront Park".


The majority of park is within dedicated street right of way [?].

The area along the lakeshore was originally a sloping sandy beach, before the building of the Rock Island Railroad along the shoreline.

The Rock Island Railroad was built along the lakeshore in about 1900 and placed loads of pink Sioux Quartz in the RR roadbed to protect the RR tracks from the waves and Spring ice attacks.

The shoreline Rock Island RR tracks were abandoned in the 1982.

The underlying title to the property was purchased from the Chicago Pacific Corporation railroad, to provide for perpetuation of park purposes in 1984. The RR right-of-way was added to the park land.

In 1999, the power plant was demolished and the road between the plant and the lake was closed. The road and power plant area was converted into additional park property.

At approximately this time it became known as Lakefront park[?]

A recreation hiking/biking trail was added along the lakeshore [?]

This is the site of annual windsurfing/Regatta Festival, including the 1999,2003 1nd 2008 nationals.

NOTES: Some of the history is from archives of the Worthington City Government and used by permission. The [?] marks denote information still being saught

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