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 Freedom Shore Park in Worthington

The park is a pleasant spot to stop and take in the lake sights with its gazebo, benches and handi-capped accessible dock.

The Freedom Shrine, that is located there, honors those from each military service who have served from the area.

Freedom Shore Park in Worthington


The site was formally the Ludlow Apple Orchard. It was the location from which the “Okabena Apple” variety came forth. There is a small monument denoting this event on site.

This park area was initially purchased from H. Milton Ludlow in October, 1943 and in July, 1945.

In 1961, a property exchange occurred, between the city and Charlotte and Albeit Anderson, to provide additional land for the purpose of City Well Site #9. The well was later abandoned and the property became part of the park.

In 1963, a property exchange occurred between the city and James W. & Dorothy A. Kinsman, that resulted in the present park configuration.

The park was named by the WHS Senior class of 1976 in honor of the United States Bicentennial.

The park was again renamed in 2007 upon completion of a veterans memorial to honor past and present veterans of Nobles County. The Veteran's Memorial - A beautifully designed memorial to honor past and present veterans of Nobles County.

The Gazebo was rebuilt in 1991.

The Veteran's Memorial Committee has committed to the installation of a sprinkler system within the entire park and to construct a new gazebo during the 2008 construction season.

NOTES: Some of the history is from archives of the Worthington City Government and used by permission. The [?] marks denote information still being saught

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