Buss Field Buss Field Buss Field
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 Buss Field in Worthington

Buss Field exists in the old East Okabena lakebed.


This land was purchased by warranty deed in May, 1955 for $6,000.00 from Fred H. and Emma Buss.

Buss Field was originally used as a baseball field. But it was too often too wet for use. The city entered into a joint use agreement with the Independent School District #518, [when ?] for use of the college fields for baseball.

The soccer fields were established at Buss Fields in 1999 as Special Use Permitted Site. The intent is to develop the site to a permanent soccer athletic facility.

A Restroom was reconstructed in 2002, in cooperation with JBS Swift and Local Union 1161.

NOTES: Some of the history is from archives of the Worthington City Government and used by permission. The [?] marks denote information still being saught
Buss Field Buss Field
Buss Field Buss Field Buss Field Buss Field

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