Fishing from shore at the Whiskey Ditch outlet

Fishing on The Grade facing Sunset Bay


Fishing from a boat in Sunset Bay

 Fishing from shore on    The Grade
Fish Stocked in Lake Okabena
ADL - Adults
FGL - Fingerlings
FRY - Fry
YRL - Yearlings

This data was provided by the state fisheries office in Windom.

These fish may or may not have been raised in the local rearing ponds along Worthmore Street.

The lake has been aerated each winter since 1981.

Typical Fish caught in Lake Okabena are: Perch, Crappies, Walley. Sunfish, Bluegills,
Northern, Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Bullhead.


More information on Lake Okabena is available on the Minnesota DNR web site. Use the Lake Finder facility located at Enter "okabena" as the lake name to dispaly the options

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