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. People / Individuals

Personal E-Mail, personal web sites can be listed here for FREE!. They will show up ONLY in the A-Z White Pages.

Personal entries must be listed in the town where you LIVE: not where you work. Remember there is an area wide White pages where people can find you if there is doubt of where you physically live, but they know you work in Worthington.

Businesses, Schools, Medical/Health groups,Churches, Community Groups, etc

Worthington area Business, schools, governmental, medical, community groups and ALL other groups can list their E-Mail, web site addresses, etc here for FREE!, if you qualify.

Worthington area businesses qualify if:

  • They are physically based in Worthington
  • They regularly conduct business by actually being in Worthington
  • If they are a member of the Worthington Chamber of Commerce
  • If they have their web site designed by Worthington Community Internet

Business listings show up in BOTH the A-Z White pages and Business Directory (Yellow Pages).


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