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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do this?

A: It provides people, families, businesses and community groups and aid to finding firms and organizations they seek. Thus it provides information that they can use to make decisions in their lives.

Q: Where does this information come from?

A: This information is gleaned from many sources;

Q: How often do you update the reference.?

A: How often the reference is updated is determined by when the changes come in and how many changes there are. When I do get some additions or changes, I try to make the changes, regenerate the site, and upload it to the server within a day. If there are very few additions and changes, I may delay the update until I make other changes too.

Q: Why are some listed with and other without street addresses, phone numbers, etc?

A: The street addresses were not submitted with the entry, or were not available from where I found them.

Q: Can I list my firm?

A: Yes, as long as it has either an E-Mail address, a Fax number, or a Web Site URL. The one EXCEPTION is that ALL businesses physically based in Worthington can be listed here. The Chamber of Commerce provides its membership list, the Northland Mall Merchants are provided by the Northland Mall Merchants Association, though we have tried to enter many local businesses, we have to rely upon those businesses to choose to participate and to keep their entry accurate. Note: the E-mail address can be that of an officer of the business who wants to use their E-mail address for business purposes.

Q: What about privacy rules?

A: We do not sell this list, or rent it. It will be shared with the Chamber of Commerce for purposes of checking their own lists.

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