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Add / Change Listings

  1. Submit New Listings
  Add Individual Listing

These are for personal listings for individuals, not for businesses, groups, or organizations like the Elks. These listings appear alphabetically ONLY in the white pages.

  Add Group Listings

These are for businesses, schools, city gov't, county gov't, state gov't offices, federal gov't offices, medical groups, community groups and churches.

These listings appear alphabetically in the white pages and by category in the the yellow pages.

  2. Change / Delete Existing Listings - Both

Please use regular E-Mail to send changes for both individual and group listings. Be sure to include the name on the listing and the city name so that the record can be found.

OR . . in case you have little or no access to E-Mail there is another way. Print the Submit form from within your browser, fill in the changes, and send it to me regular mail at;
Area Internet Reference
C/O Robert Rohrer
1515 Darling Drive, #4
Worthington, MN 56187

Change or delete requests from E-Mail addresses that do not seem to agree with the listing will either be returned or sent to the address on the listing for validation.

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